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(41CV) Dike computations
08-07-2019, 11:31 AM
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(41CV) Dike computations
An extract (pgs. 539-543) from;
Pipeline Rules of Thumb Handbook: quick and accurate solutions to your everyday pipeline problems
W.E. McAllister, editor—5th ed
Rev. ed. of: Pipe line rules of thumb handbook. 4th ed. 1998
Gulf Professional Publishing

Hand-held calculator program simplifies dike computations
"Earthen dikes are widely used all over the world to contain flammable volumes of above-ground storage. They perform two vital functions: to prevent loss of fluid into the environment and to reduce the likelihood of fire spreading from one tank to another.
Sizing dikes by conventional methods is a time-consuming, trial and error process. A complete assessment of the problem involves: applicable codes and regulations; land area available; topography of the area; soil characteristics and the stipulated volume contained by dike and other dimensions of the dike section.
The following program for the HP-41CV hand-held calculator enables one to enter required data at a prompt and to calculate the height of the dike to retain the required volume of fluid, X-section of dike, width of the base and the cubic yards of earth required, quickly."

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