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(41CV) Orifice Plate (bore⇄rate)
08-05-2019, 03:12 PM
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(41CV) Orifice Plate (bore⇄rate)
An extract (pgs. 455-458) from;
Pipeline Rules of Thumb Handbook: quick and accurate solutions to your everyday pipeline problems
W.E. McAllister, editor—5th ed
Rev. ed. of: Pipe line rules of thumb handbook. 4th ed. 1998
Gulf Professional Publishing

Liquid measurement orifice plate flange taps
"This program, designed for the HP-41CV calculator, will calculate the bore required for an orifice plate for a given rate of flow, or the flow rate for a given bore size, when the following variables are entered into the program:
Flow rate (lb/hr), Flowing temperature (°F), Flowing specific gravity (dimensionless), Differential pressure range (in. of water), Pipe inside diameter (in), Absolute viscosity (centipoises);
Program calculates beta ratio (dimensionless) and orifice bore (in.).
If an even-sized bore is required:
Required orifice bore (in);
Program calculates beta ratio (dimensionless) and new flow rate (lb/hr)."

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