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(34C) Bandwidth considerations … to solve network equations
08-02-2019, 04:43 PM
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(34C) Bandwidth considerations … to solve network equations
An extract from response of pi, pi-L and tandem quarter-wave-line matching networks, HAM Radio magazine, volume 15, number 2, February 1982 {pgs. 12-17}

… The reason is that considerable computation is involved to generate the response curves. With the availability of relatively low-cost programmable calculators such as the HP-34C the problem becomes much simpler. This article presents the response characteristics of several commonly used pi and pi-L networks, developed with the aid of an HP-34C program and the SOLVE capability of this machine for finding specific maxima, minima, and points on the curves …
… Use of the polar-to-rectangular (and vice versa) capabilities of the HP-34C, and its ability to handle subroutines makes it feasible to construct a fairly
simple program for finding the input impedance and all of its components: resistance, reactance, impedance and phase angle …
… The maxima were discovered using the SOLVE program in the HP-34C
… Again, the HP-34C programmable calculator is of enormous value to study some typical cases …
This article has attempted to shed some light on bandwidth considerations in pi, pi-L and tandem-line matching systems. Intractable analytically, these various configurations are easily studied with the aid of the enormous computing power of the HP-34C as a relatively inexpensive machine …

Any programmers out there up to the challenge?

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