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(HP-67) Shear-Wave Measurement (soil deformation)
07-27-2019, 03:38 PM
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(HP-67) Shear-Wave Measurement (soil deformation)
An extract from Shear Wave Measurements of Deformation Properties of Soil, Colin Peter Abbiss, Imperial College of Science and Technology, August 1983 (213 pgs.)

The arrival time T of the leading edge of the s wave pulse was plotted against distance x … These time distance curves were fitted by the formula … This was carried out by a programmable calculator, the HP 67 see program in Appendix 3, or by computer …
Another calculator program has been written which finds the depth Z corresponding to the distance x and also enables one to find the maximum depth Z for the maximum range x of the survey …
The fits were carried out by calculator program
The results of fitting the data by calculator are given in Table 2.1C …
The data was fitted by the calculator programs and the results are shown in Tables 2.2A …
A calculator program reduced the number of possibilities …
There are six possible solutions listed in Table 3.2A with 4 in six possible ranges of angle. The correct solution is identified with the calculator program
A simple calculator program has been written so that the calculation may be undertaken in the field …

Thorough & complete.

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