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(41C) Mission Planning (EPA EnviroPod)
07-11-2019, 01:10 PM
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(41C) Mission Planning (EPA EnviroPod)
An extract from Enviropod Handbook, Center for Remote Sensing and Cartography, FEMA & NASA, University of Utah Research Institute, CRSC Report 84-1 (67 pgs.)

I. Introduction
A. Objective
This handbook outlines the basic steps entailed in the use of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Enviropod Camera System. It contains a step-by-step guide for mission planning, flights, film processing, indexing, and documentation. The handbook also provides information regarding Enviropod equipment and specifications.

B. Mission Delineation

For these preliminary flight plans it may be sufficient to find flight length, then adjust AGL to effect the needed coverage for the available film. Check the scale at the selected AGL to determine if photography will provide sufficient detail for the project.
In the process of examining the many different flight combinations possible, the use of the tables and graphs in Exhibit C can become cumbersome. For those with access to a Hewlett-Packard
41 CV (or 41C plus one additional memory module), the program in Exhibit D will greatly increase the planner's ability to examine many possible flight plans quickly and efficiently. Instructions for program loading and execution are found in Exhibit D.

Hewlett-Packard Program for HP 41C (program for mission planning).

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