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[41CL] Extreme Functions
05-15-2014, 10:29 PM
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[41CL] Extreme Functions
I have released an enhanced version of the CL Extra Functions for power users of the 41CL. The manual is at and the .ROM files (it's two pages) are on the 41CL website.

This version supports four sets of MMU registers, so you can quickly switch between four "personalities" for your CL. Many of the functions prompt for input rather than requiring that you enter the information in the ALPHA register. You can also query the MMU by mnemonic (returns page #) or page (returns mnemonic) or everything (returns mnemonic/page for every page). New commands allow moving or exchanging an MMU entry. PUT and GET now use a pointer stored in memory so you don't have to keep specifying an address in ALPHA. For people with the latest board revision, you can force the serial port on, which makes CL-CL transfers possible.

These functions use dynamic paging, where the second page is automatically loaded into Page 4 and then the functions are executed from there. Having a fixed (and known) address makes the mcode faster/smaller. Once the function is complete the previous MMU programming for Page 4 is restored before the function exits.

I need to thank 'Angel Martin for beta-testing and providing valuable feedback for this project.

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