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(HP-65) Modulation Transfer function
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(HP-65) Modulation Transfer function
An extract from Rapid, Rigorous Computation of Modulation Transfer Function on a Pocket Calculator, JNM (18:579-583)/ Technical Note, UoC-MC & D-VA, V.18-N.6, 1977

This article describes a method for the rigorous calculation of modulation transfer function (MTF) of a coflimated scintillation detector using a programmable pocket calculator. The calculation utilizes a normalized discrete Fourier transform (DFT) of the line spread function (LSF) in duding real and imaginary terms. A method is described for recording the LSF using an Anger camera and multichannel analyzer (MCA). The procedures for recording of the LSF and calculation of the MTF are therefore performed independently of a computer, allowing nuclear medicine laboratories without access to a computer to incorporate MTF studies into their quality-assurance programs. The results obtained using the pocket calculator were compared with those using a PDP-12 minicomputer. The pocket calculator was slightly more accurate, since it does not suffer from the round-off errors of the PDP-12…


The techniques described in this communication constitute a powerful tool for conducting parametric Anger-camera performance tests without on-line computer capability and at a small fraction of the cost of a dedicated minicomputer system. Applications of the programmable pocket calculator are, of course, not limited to the calculation of MTF. HP-65 programs have been written for a number of other commonly performed nuclear medicine computations …

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