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(HP-97S) Analytical Methods for Wastewaters
06-08-2019, 02:25 PM
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(HP-97S) Analytical Methods for Wastewaters
An extract from A Manual of Analytical Methods for Wastewaters second edition: revised & expanded, DoE (LBL), Applied Science Division {LBL-17421; UCB/SEEHRL 84-2}, May 1984 (261 pgs.)

This manual of methods was developed for the routine chemical analysis of various water-quality criteria. Each method is specifically adapted for application to the highly complex sample matrices … These methods have evolved from specific needs … for the study of waste treatment. … the stringent requirements imposed by these sample matrices would probably allow for the successful direct application of these methods to other aqueous waste samples; … these methods appear to give excellent results for the waters analyzed during this study, it cannot be overemphasized that these methods must be validated for each new water under investigation.
We hope that this manual will be useful … for setting monitoring standards … for routine monitoring, and to researchers involved in the study of … waste treatment processes.
Discussions of theory, literature review, methods comparisons, validation and precision data, and detailed operator protocols are presented for each of the methods

… interfaced with a programmable printing calculator (Hewlett-Packard, model
HP 97S) …
C-Analyzer: Background Counts prg. III-49
Water Analysis: TOC, DOB & DIC prg. III-51

Basic Titration prg. IV-24

Standard Curve prg. V-56
Data Reduction prg. V-59
Autosampler Standard-Curve prg. V-63
Autosampler Data-Reduction prg. V-66

Autotitration COD prg. VI-31

consider the source, no more need be said.

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