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(25) Insulation Thickness
05-21-2019, 11:52 PM
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(25) Insulation Thickness
An extract pertaining to pages 444-448 of Energy Storage Criteria Handbook, Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Naval Civil Engineering Laboratory, Report Number CR 82.034, OCT 1982 (484 pgs.)

The purpose of this handbook is to provide information and criteria necessary for the selection and sizing of energy storage technologies … procedures and information to select the most viable energy storage options to provide the space conditioning (heating and cooling) and domestic hot water needs … may also be used by contractors, installers, designers, engineers, architects, and manufacturers who intend to enter the energy storage business.
The handbook is organized into three major sections: a general section, a technical section, and an example section. While a technical background is assumed for the latter two sections, the general section is simply written and can serve as an introduction to the field of energy storage. The technical section examines the following energy storage technologies: sensible heat storage, latent heat storage, cold storage thermochemical storage, mechanical storage, pumped hydro storage, and electrochemical storage. The example section is limited to thermal storage and includes examples for: water tank storage, rockbed storage, latent heat storage, and cold water storage.

A program for a Hewlett-Packard
HP-25 calculator is shown in Table G-1. The program solves Equation G-12 by the interval halving method.
To use the program, load the six constants into registers 0 through 5, a high guess at Y in register 7, and a low guess in register 6. We recommend using 10 for the high guess and 1 for the low guess.

Table C-1.
HP-25 Calculator Program for Insulation Thickness

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