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(HP-67) … Capital Recovery Assessment …
05-13-2019, 12:31 PM
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(HP-67) … Capital Recovery Assessment …
An extract from A Program for Capital Recovery Assessment For the HP-97 and Other Desk Calculators, the Johns Hopkins University (applied physics laboratory), QM-80-125 (JHU/APL), AUG 1980

A desk calculator program for estimating the capital recovery period (Ref. 1) for a geothermal space heating system has been developed for use with the Hewlett Packard 97 calculator. The program can also be adapted to the Texas Instrument 59 with the PC-100 printer.
The program was developed to provide a simple economic model which could be used in various JHU/APL geothermal technical assistance projects. The program output is in the form of a listing which shows the years to pay off the geothermal space heating system (total capital investment and annual O&M cost) as a function of incremented grant fraction and annual oil price escalation rate as shown in Table 1. These data can then be plotted to show the trends of the incremented functions as shown in Figs. 1 and 2.
The program algorithm and assumptions are as follows:
Notations; Assumption; Pay-Off Strategy; Net Fuel Savings; Problem; Solution; Allowed Ranges of Parameters; Program Design, Options and Use; An Example; References; Table 1; Figure 1; Table 2; Figure 2:
Listing of HP-97 Program

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