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(11C) TVM for HP-11C
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(11C) TVM for HP-11C
TVM program that work just like HP-12C.

Program credit to Gene Wright's website

As mentioned in Gene Wright page this program originally appeared in the
May 1980 PPC Journal written by Robert Meyer.
The program will run as written on an HP-19C/29C

Since 19C doesn't have specific Labels.
I modify this program so that Labels A to E located at the same position as on HP-12C
With added-on Labels and use many Store Registers this took me awhile
to make this program work since 11C got limited program space when
use a lot of store memory registers.

Finally I have successfully fit this program to work on 11C
at which it use 111 program lines at its maximum limit.

Lastly this might be an excellent TVM program for 11C compare to that of
the more sophisticated TVM program available in the 15c advanced functions handbook
that use SOLVE function to solve for unknown interest.

TVM for HP-11C program:
.pdf  TVM_HP11C.pdf (Size: 383.91 KB / Downloads: 29)

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