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(41C) "RAPID" Technique: … Evaluating downstream effects …
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(41C) "RAPID" Technique: … Evaluating downstream effects …
An extract from RAPID Technique: a new method for evaluating downstream effects of forest practices on riparian zones, USDA Forest Service, PNW-GTR-220, AUG 1988 (44 pgs)

The RAPID (riparian aerial photographic inventory of disturbance) technique is a method for using measurements made on aerial photographs of patterns of riparian canopy disturbance to evaluate changes in channel conditions through time and to link such changes with their possible upstream causes. The RAPID technique provides resource specialists and managers with a relatively quick way of identifying stream reaches that are chronically or recently disturbed by a variety of channel processes, including increased peak flows and sedimentation from point and nonpoint sources. With examples from western Oregon, this paper describes how to apply the RAPID technique and analyze the results to evaluate downstream or cumulative effects of forest practices

29 Programs for Calculations Used in the RAPID Procedure

APPENDIX 1 Programs for Calculations Used in the RAPID Procedure
The following two programs (figs. 11 and 12) were written for Hewlett-Packard (HP)-41 series calculators to expedite calculations used in the RAPID procedure. They can also be used with the HP-97 desktop calculator. Program lines should be keyed into the calculator exactly as written. The owners handbook should be consulted for more explanation of the key codes and abbreviations.

1. INDCALC program: This program (fig. 11) calculates response indices shown in table 6 after being prompted for measured parameters. It can be used to calculate response indices for individual sites, entire basins, or particular classes of initiation sites …
2. WTAVRG program: This program (fig. 12) computes the average width of an open reach, which is calculated by averaging individual width measurements weighted by the proportion of total reach length associated with each measurement …

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RE: (41C) "RAPID" Technique: … Evaluating downstream effects …
Available in module [ENG2] from the CL Library

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