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(41C) "ECON": A System for Economic Analysis with …
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(41C) "ECON": A System for Economic Analysis with …
An extract from ECON: A System for Economic Analysis with a Programmable Calculator, Forestry Research Lab, Oregon State University, SP-12, AUG 1985 (27 pgs)

ECON, a general-purpose financial analysis program, was designed to aid investment analysis by generating several measures of economic profitability.
It will help answer these questions:
(1) With a given set of knowns and assumptions, what is the financial outlook for an investment?
(2) How might expectations of profitability change if the basic investment situation changes?
The standard measures of economic profitability that ECON calculates are:
(a) Net present worth (NPW)[/color]
(b) Net future worth (NFW)
(c) Infinite series NPW
(d) Benefit-cost ratio (B/C)
(e) Realizable rate of return (RRR)
ECON accommodates inflation and unit-price changes and provides ample information for sensitivity testing. It accommodates an investment for any time span having 24 or fewer cash flows, provided that the user can identify the costs, returns, and timing of each. A special entry, the YIELD cash flow, saves the preliminary calculation of multiplying product yield by unit price to determine dollar return.

The Calculator
System Configuration
ECON may be used with … Hewlett-Packard (HP) programmable calculators …HP-41C … The program listing (see Appendix) …

Thorough & Complete!


PS: BOLD & RED emphasis mine.
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04-14-2019, 07:51 AM
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RE: (41C) ECON: A System for Economic Analysis with …
What a good calculation program for the evaluation of investments, for example forestry
I wonder if it will be possible to translate into the language of a calculator like the HP-67 or HP 35s. As far as I can see, it has almost 1000 steps and numerical examples

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