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(17B) Random Numbers
04-01-2019, 12:18 AM
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(17B) Random Numbers
The HP 17B series does not have a random number function. We can use the solver to generate random numbers. Random numbers between 0 to 1 are generator.

The format to use will depend on the version of HP 17B you are working with.

The code used will use psuedo-random generator:

r_i+1 = frac( ( π + r_i)^5 )

Classic HP 17B and HP 17BII:

We can use Let and Get to generate random numbers, they are used to generate in recurring sequences.



Enter a starting seed, press (R#).
For future random numbers, keep on pressing (R#).

Brown and Silver HP 17BII+:

We'll use the two variables. Despite the fact that Let and Get are available on the silver HP 17BII+, they cannot be used in recurring sequences.


Enter a starting seed, press (R1#).
For the first random number, press (R2#).
For future random numbers, press [ STO ] (R1#), then (R2#).

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