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(29C) Computing & Comparing correlation & regression coefficients
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(29C) Computing & Comparing correlation & regression coefficients
An extract from Computing and comparing correlation and regression coefficients using a pocket calculator, Behavior Research Methods & Instrumentation, 1980, Vol. 12(3),367-371

Programs suitable for pocket calculators using reverse Polish notation are described. Program 1 computes regression coefficients, correlation coefficient, and standard error of estimate for paired data. Program 2 performs a t test to compare the slopes of two regression lines. Program 3 computes F ratios to test the departure of a regression slope from zero and to test linearity of the regression. Programs 4 and 5 test the significance of differences between independent and correlated correlation coefficients, respectively.

The programs described here … were devised for a Hewlett-Packard 29C programmable calculator but can be adapted for use with other calculators that use reverse Polish notation. Users of other calculators who wish to modify the programs should be aware of the following features of the HP·29C.


ps: the download link is the Download PDF box in the upper right hand corner
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