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(25) … Linear Regression Analysis of Glide Slope Structure
03-14-2019, 11:29 AM
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(25) … Linear Regression Analysis of Glide Slope Structure
An extract from A Procedure for RTT Position Improvement using Linear Regression Analysis of Glide Slope Structure, AFCC/FFNM (Scott AFB), RN 82/665-277, May 1982 (72 pgs)

This report presents a method to improve the position of a Radio Telemetering Theodolite (RTT) through an analysis by linear regression of the observed glide path structure of an instrument landing system …


8. HP-25 Program for Linear Regression …

4. Use of the Linear Regression by Flight Inspection and TRACALS Evaluation Personnel:
a. There are two hand-held calculators presently in the Air Force inventory used by flight inspection as well as TRACALS evaluation personnel to perform linear regression and average angle calculations during flight inspections or TRACALS evaluations. These two calculators are the Hewlett-Packard Model HP-25, NSN 7420 PHP25, and the Texas Instruments Model TI-59, NSN 7420 01 054 4382. Procedures for using the HP-25 calculator to solve linear regression and average angle are presented in Attachment 8. A program written for the TI-59 calculator to compute linear regression, new RTT placement, and average angle is presented in Attachment 9. A program is also 10 presented in Attachment 10, written in Applesoft BASIC for an Apple computer. In addition, other programmable calculators can be used to perform linear regression and average angle calculations …


This program is based on the Hewlett-Packard HP-25 program for linear regression. It has been slightly modified to compute the average light line value as well as the regression constants … Below is the key sequence for the program itself. The next page provides instructions for using the program. It is assumed the user is familiar with the operation of the HP-25 programmable calculator …

An excellent adjunct / refresher for all pilots - excellent documentation on glide slope!

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