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Export CAS variable from Virtual Prime to HP Prime
03-02-2019, 08:44 PM
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Export CAS variable from Virtual Prime to HP Prime

I'm trying to export a CAS variable from the Virtual Prime to a real HP Prime connected via USB. The use case is moving large integers from the web to the real calculator. However, I cannot seem to move CAS variables anywhere using the HP Connectivity Kit, I can only view them. I am using the latest version (2.1.14181, 2018 10 16) of the HP Connectivity Kit and Virtual Prime as well as this latest version installed on my physical Prime. I am using MacOS.

Interesting, I can move real variables, by:
1) Selecting 'Real' under the virtual calc in the connectivity kit,
2) Right-Click, 'Send to class'
3) Right-Click real Prime calc header in connectivity kit, 'Refresh'

All the other storage contents does appear to be exportable to the real calculator (Lists, Matrices, Notes, Programs), why do CAS vars seem to be a problem?

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