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(25) … Percentage Error Programs …
02-22-2019, 08:11 PM
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(25) … Percentage Error Programs …
An extract from Time constraints on measuring building R-values, USA CoE, CRREL Report 80-15, JUN 1980, 35 pgs.

This report … demonstrates the size of measurement error resulting from a variety of changes in temperature with representative walls of different time constants.

Appendix C. Percentage error from a ramp input
Appendix D. Percentage error from a sinusoidal input
Appendix E. Percentage error programs for a Hewlett-Packard HP-25 calculator
_Percentage error: step, ramp & sinusoid
_Percentage error from a step input
_Percentage error from a ramp input
_Percentage error from a sinusoid

Extensive documentation.

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