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(41CV) Aircraft Life Cycle Cost Estimation
02-13-2019, 12:25 PM
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(41CV) Aircraft Life Cycle Cost Estimation
An extract from The Utility of Handheld Programmable Calculators in Aircraft Life Cycle Cost Estimation, AFIT/LSH (WPAFB), Report Number LSSR 41-82, SEP 82, 226 pgs.

Life cycle cost estimation is a high priority issue in systems acquisition and maintenance. Interest begins with … this interest has generated a plethora of reports and models to estimate life cycle costs. The complexity and magnitude of this information has caused many to avoid life cycle cost analysis. This report explores the utility of handheld programmable calculators in estimating aircraft life cycle costs. Selected current computer models were analyzed by function and cost generation technique. Two were identified and simplified for use with a Hewlett-Packard HP-41CV calculator. Five other programs, currently in a format for the Texas Instruments TI-59 calculator, were converted and expanded as necessary for general usage with the HP-41CV. The report contains the research; programs generated; example program runs; a comparison between the HP-41CV output, the original format output, and where applicable actual costs; and suggestions for further research. The results indicate that programmable calculators can be a valuable tool in life cycle cost estimation.

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