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(34C) Computer Programs for Impedance Matching
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(34C) Computer Programs for Impedance Matching
An extract from Chapter 15 Computer Programs for Impedance Matching, Reflections II, transmission lines and antennas, M. Walter Maxwell (W2DU)

Sec 15.4 Programs for Hewlett-Packard Hand-Held Calculators
If you prefer to use a hand-held calculator instead of a computer for solving the transmission-line problems, two calculator program listings are included that can substitute for the TRANSCON and LINTRNSM computer programs. They are written in reverse Polish notation for Hewlett-Packard calculators. I use HP-15C and HP-34C calculators. Other models may have different register designations than those shown in Programs HP1 and HP2.
The first is Program HP1, called TRANSMISSION-LINE CONSTANTS. It yields the same line-calibration data as TRANSCON (except for PHI and A — instead, the total line length and attenuation are yielded). The second, called TRANSMISSION-LINE IMPEDANCE TRANSFORMATION and listed as Program HP2, yields the same data provided by LINTRNSM and LINTRNSA, plus the angles of the reflection coefficient at both the input and output of the line, and the electrical length of the line at the frequency of each impedance measurement.
The listings are written for calculators with twenty registers, ten numbered 0 through 9 and ten more that are accessed by first pressing a decimal point and then
numbers 0 through 9. In the text that follows they are designated as R₀ through R₉ and R.₀ through R.₉.

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