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(25) Light and Sound
02-02-2019, 01:38 PM
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(25) Light and Sound
An extract from Light and Sound: Evolutionary Aspects, Leonard Roseman, University of Washington, JAN 1978.

These materials were designed to be used by life science students for instruction in the application of physical theory to ecosystem operation. Most modules contain computer programs which are built around a particular application of a physical process, This module is concerned with the exchange of energy between an organism and its environment in the form of radiation. Classical and modern radiation theory are discussed and the applications of these physical principles to analysis of biological systems are presented. Emphasis in these applications is upon the evolutionary significance of the physical processes. In one type of application, physical theory is used to isolate constant factors in the environment to which all organisms must adjust their evolution.In a second application, physical theory is used to elucidate the constraints governing the evolution of biological systems. It is demonstrated that radiation theory is applicable to a wide range of sense organs, radiation types, wavelengths, and organisms.

All living organisms interact with their environment through a continuous exchange of matter and energy … There are two ways in which the process of radiation exchange is of biological interest. The governing principles of this physical process are different for the two distinct biological applications First, there is the dynamical balance Second, there is the interpretation … The nature of the physical processes of radiation exchange … radiation theory is applicable to a wide range of sense organs(eyes, ears, pits); radiation types (electromagnetic, sound), wavelengths (optical, infrared) …

The APPENDIX (pages 37-84) contains program code and description for Numerical Solutions {Successive Approximation (Solution to Transcendental Equation & Integral by Half-increment Method)} to the above discussion as well as relevant examples, replete with equations, illustrations, graphs etc.

The Appendix includes both RPN (HP-25) & AOS (SR-52) examples, problems & solutions.

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