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(HP-67) Network Analyzer for EE Students
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(HP-67) Network Analyzer for EE Students
An extract from An HP-67/97 Network Analyzer for EE Students, Comput. Educ. Vol. 9. No. 3. pp. 145-154, 1985.

Abstract - This paper describes an a.c. network analysis program designed for R/g⒨/C networks which contain up to 4 nodes, including the reference (ground) node. It gives the transfer function A(ƒ)= V⒪,V⒤ for specified frequency ƒ either as single-frequency points or as multiple-frequency sweep. It also gives the band-edge (3 dB) frequencies and poles zeros of the transfer function. The network is specified by entering component values and node numbers associated with each component. The program is segmented in two parts. each of 224 HP-67/97 program steps: part 1 deals with internal computation of the polynomial coefficients of the network. while part 2 computes and displays the output parameters. The program is of interest to Electrical Engineering students. particularly those who are studying the basics of linear circuit analysis and design.

Includes theory, equations, usage, listings, description, examples, illustrations, diagrams, conclusions & references.

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