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(41CV) Weather Analysis Programs Using HP-41CV
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(41CV) Weather Analysis Programs Using HP-41CV
Extracts from the Abstract & the CONTENTS of Weather Analysis Programs Using HP-41CV, Naval Postgraduate School (meteorology dept), TR NPS63-84-008 (AD-A157389), NOV 1984.

also at Weather Analysis Programs Using HP-41CV (

Several synoptic problems, previously solved by graphical overlays, can be solved with a programmable calculator. The HP-41CV hand-held calculator is used to determine surface winds, the probability of average rainfall for a regional area (Monterey, California), contrail formation, and the lifting condensation level from surface data.
II. Computation of Surface Winds
A. Objectives 3
B. Principles 3
C. User's Guide 5
D. Examples 7
E. Program 9
III. Determining the Probability of Average Precipitation fora Regional Area (Monterey, California)
A. Objective 11
B. Principles 11
C. User's Guide 14
D. Examples 15
E. Program 18
IV. Contrail Formation
A. Objective 21
B. Principles 21
C. User's Guide 23
D. Examples 24
E. Program 27
V. Determining the Lifting Condensation Level
A. Objective 28
B. Principles 28
C. User's Guide 30
D. Examples 30
E. Program 33

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