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(HP-65) Weapons Effects Analyses
01-16-2019, 01:04 PM
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(HP-65) Weapons Effects Analyses
An extract from Hand Calculator Programs for Weapons Effects Analyses - the Physical Vulnerability System, Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, US ER&D (UCRL-52103), AUG 1976.

The physical vulnerability system for evaluating probaible damage from a nuclear blast has received wide acceptance because it is a simple but general system applicable to a wide variety of target classes. We describe here a series of hand-calculator programs using this system that permit equally accurate but faster calculations than the conventional handbook method. The programs cover various interrelationships among peak overpressures, peak dynamic pressures, vulnerability numbers, weapons radii, and kill probability. The use of a programmable calculator greatly reduces tho chance of operator error by eliminating individual hand calculations and graphical determinations of parameter values.
Nuclear-blast damage evaluations are usually prepared from a variety of graphs, nomographs, cables, and hand calculations. Opportunities for error abound. Cross checks are either difficult or impossible. The tedium of a parameter study can be onerous; one often tries to lessen the burden by making simplifying approximations that can sometimes lead to erroneous conclusions.
We have found that exploitation of the capabilities of a programmable calculator - in our case, the Hewlett-Packard HP-65 - leads to faster, more accurate calculations with fewer operator error. A tenfold, even hundredfold, increase in speed 1s often attainable. In Table 1 we list the titles of some weapons effects programs we have developed for the HP-65. The symbolism, basically that of Ref. 1, is explained in the individual programs. In Table 2 we give the input parameters, the output (what is calculated), and the typical running time for each program.
The balance of this document is given over to the Individual programs. Each is presented In the same format: a short description, then user instructions, example(s) of use, and finally a program listing that can be recorded on a program card.

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RE: (HP-65) Weapons Effects Analyses
Very interesting...
It's only a pity that although anticipating more capable calculators, the programs are only in Hp65 - no Fortran or flowcharts. And I do not see a Hp65 manual to help interpret the code.
Reminds me a little of some Fortran code for the PDP11 that I helped with.

Stephen Lewkowicz (G1CMZ)
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