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(10C) Dose Equivalent Rate
01-10-2019, 09:04 PM
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(10C) Dose Equivalent Rate
An extract from Appendix A of Neutron Personnel Dosimetry, special publication 250-12, 44 pages (July 1987).

Appendix A. Pocket Calculator Programs
The listings on the following page are programs for Hewlett-Packard Series 10 calculators.
The first listing, "DOSE EQUIVALENT RATE", is used for solving equations (5) FFDE⒨ = 0.0023×Q÷D² and (6) FFDE⒝ = 0.00954×Q÷D², knowing the source emission rate, Q, and either the free field dose equivalent rate, FFDE, or the distance, D. To use this program, the californium source emission rate, in neutrons/sec, is keyed in and stored in register 1 (STO 1). If the distance is known, it is keyed in and LBL B (f B) will calculate the dose equivalent rate for the bare source; LBL D (f D) will calculate it for the DjO-Moderated source. If the desired dose equivalent rate is known, it may be keyed in and LBL A will give the required distance from the bare source; LBL C will give the distance from the moderated source. All distances are in cm and dose equivalent rates are in millirem/hour.

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