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(15C) FL Dept. of Transportation programs
01-07-2019, 04:10 PM
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(15C) FL Dept. of Transportation programs
A mixed collection of AOS, RPN & BASIC routines as documented in Carter Key / GW-Basic Engineering Manual, FL DoT, 1991 edition.

The purpose of the Career Key/GW-BASIC Engineering Programs Manual is to present one or more methods of calculating pay item quantities for transportation projects during design, construction and final payment. This manual should be used as a supplemental aid during the aforementioned procedures.
This collection of engineering methods is the result of the efforts of several individuals In the Estimates Office over a period of years. The aim of this manual ls to outline quicker, more efficient ways to check large volumes of calculations in the shortest possible time.
When this collection was started, there were only eight people to check all the estimates statewide, so quick methods bad to be adopted to keep abreast of the workload. At that time, the main "modern tool" was the electric mechanical calculator, an intensely complex mass of keys, levers, cams, springs, dials and solenoids. A company repairman was constantly on duty, keeping chose noisy wonders chattering!
With the gradual expansion of the Estimates Office, also came the "boon" of the central computer, followed by the first electronic calculators. These marvels were quickly adopted, and the original "Carter's Little Nuggets of Knowledge", (three pages), was expanded into a manual, dubbed "The Carter Key Manual".
Eventually, "keystroke programming" of electronic calculators was introduced, and the "GW-BASIC Engineering Programs Manual" was merged with the original "Carter Key Manual", so that another "modern tool" could be added to the arsenal.
Continual update ls required to keep the manual in line with current engineering practices. Yet the basic "hand" methods must also be retained for the benefit of newcomers unfamiliar with traditional DOT practices.

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02-02-2019, 10:34 PM
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RE: (15C) FL Dept. of Transportation programs
Really thanks for this post, one more reason to grab the 15c and have some fun!

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