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(HP-97) An Evaluation System to Rate Feedlot Pollution Potential
01-05-2019, 09:20 PM
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(HP-97) An Evaluation System to Rate Feedlot Pollution Potential
An extract from the Introduction of An Evaluation System to Rate Feedlot Pollution Potential, USDA (ARM-NC-17),
APR 1982.

The animal lot evaluation system consists of two parts. The first, a short screening form (Appendix A), consists of five simple questions concerning an operation, all of which can be answered by the feedlot operator, allowing the person making the evaluation to disregard the feedlot immediately if it is definitely not a pollution hazard. Information from the first three questions deal with the pollution potential of surface water, and the last two deal with the potential pollution hazard to ground water. Answers to the first three questions relating to surface-water pollution can be fed into a small desktop, programmable calculator, which uses a short program (Appendix D) to get a preliminary indication of whether or not a pollution hazard exists.

Appendix D
_Calculator Program for Hewlett-Packard 67/97/41C calculator
..Screening program—Card 1
..Evaluation program—Card 2
..Evaluation program—Card 3
..Additional information—Card 4
..Combining ratings—Card 5
..Preliminary evaluation—Card 6

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