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(25) Mathematical Functions for Use In Statistics
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(25) Mathematical Functions for Use In Statistics
An extract from the PREFACE of Programs On HP-25 Desk Calculator of Mathematical Functions for Use in statistics, Erling Sverdrup, SRR-7 (Uni of Oslo), AUG 1976.

Revolutionary as the small desk electronic calculators, like the Hewlett Packard 25, are in the manual calculations, the first impression the present author got was that programming capacity was very limited. The programs presented by Hewlett Packard in its handbook seem to support that conclusion. To begin with the present author, therefore, concentrated on finding computing routines for important statistical functions which were mixtures of stages of running programs and manual treatments.
It therefore came as a distinct surprise when it was realized that functions like the hypergeometeric distribution … or the eccentric Fisher and Student distributions … could be handled by almost completely automized programs squeezed into the 49 prograrm lines. Considering the extensive but insufficient tables and nomograms existing e.g. for the hypergeometric distribution, this is indeed important.
The running time for most of the programs presented here will be from seconds to a couple of mninutes for the usual combinations of parameter values.

II binomial distribution
III poisson distribution
IV hypergeometric distribution (eccentric)
V combinatorial functions
VI normal distribution
VII chi-square distribution (eccentric)
VIII student distribution (eccentric)
IX fisher distribution (central)
X fisher distibution (eccentric)

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