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(HP-97) Stability Design of Grass-Lined Open Channels
01-05-2019, 01:34 PM
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(HP-97) Stability Design of Grass-Lined Open Channels
An extract from the ABSTRACT of Stability Design of Grass-Lined Open Channels, Agriculture Handbook Number 667 (USDA), SEP 1987.

This handbook presents the state of the art in grass-lined channel design. It is intended primarily for use by engineers and technicians directly involved in planning, designing, or maintaining open channels where vegetation can be used as a lining for erosion protection. Each of the six chapters is a complete discussion, with reference to other chapters as appropriate. Nomographs and calculator/computer programs are
included as design aids. Only those design conditions that have implications unique to the use of grass as a channel lining are discussed in detail, and the design aids focus on stability design under steady, uniform flow conditions.

_A. Variable definitions
_B. Calculator/computer routines
.... Section 1. Two-dimensional flow approximation for HP-97/67
.... Section 3. Iterative design of trapezoidal channels for HP-97/67
.... Section 5. Iterative design of parabolic channels for HP-97/67

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