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(42S) Noise Figure and Noise Voltage
01-04-2019, 10:13 PM
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(42S) Noise Figure and Noise Voltage
Notes: The programs for the HP 42S format are designed to work with the HP 42S's solver. The programs were created using Thomas Okken's Free42, and should also be compatible with the Swiss Micros DM42.

Noise Figure

Given system temperature (in Kelvins), this program calculates the noise figure (in Decibels), which describes the noise performance of an amplifier. The noise figure is described as the difference between the noise output of an actual receiver to an ideal, noiseless receiver. A noiseless receiver is said to have a resistor operating at room temperature, 290 K (about 16.85°C or 62.33°F). The lower the noise figure, the better.


F = 10 * log(T/290 + 1)


F = noise figure (dB)
T = system temperature (K)

HP 42S Program for Solver: NSEFG

00 { 35-Byte Prgm }
02 MVAR "F"
03 MVAR "T"
04 RCL "T"
05 290
06 ÷
07 1
08 +
09 LOG
10 10
11 ×
12 RCL "F"
13 -
14 END

Noise Voltage

Given the noise bandwidth (in Hertz) and the resistance (in Ω), calculate the open-circuit voltage (in RMS volts).


e_n = √(1.6*10^-20 * B * R)

HP 42S Program for Solver: NSEVT

00 { 37-Byte Prgm }
02 MVAR "B"
03 MVAR "R"
04 MVAR "En"
05 16ᴇ-21
06 RCL× "B"
07 RCL× "R"
09 RCL- "En"
10 .END.


Ball, John A. Algorithms For RPN Calculators John Wiley & Sons: New York 1978. ISBN 0-471-03070-8

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