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(HP-67) Exploration Geophysics Calculator Programs:
01-02-2019, 05:59 PM
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(HP-67) Exploration Geophysics Calculator Programs:
The ABSTRACT from Exploration geophysics calculator programs for use on Hewlett-Packard models 67 and 97 programmable calculators by David L. Campbell and Raymond D. Watts (US Geological Survey), Open-File Report 78-815 (1978), 75 pages.

Program listing, instructions, and example problems are given for 12 programs for the interpretation of geophysical data, for use on Hewlett-Packard models 67 and 97 programmable hand-held calculators. These are …
(1) gravity anomaly over 2D prism with ≤ 9 vertices--Talwani method;
(2) magnetic anomaly (ΔT, ΔV, or ΔH) over 2D prism with ≤ 8 vertices--Talwani method;
(3) total-field magnetic anomaly profile over thick sheet/thin dike;
(4) single dipping seismic refractor interpretation and design;
(5) ≤ 4 dipping seismic refractors--interpretation;
(6) ≤ 4 dipping seismic refractors--design;
(7) vertical electrical sounding over ≤ 10 horizontal layers--Schlumberger or Wenner forward calculation;
(8) vertical electric sounding: Dar Zarrouk calculations;
(9) magnetotelluric planewave apparent conductivity and phase angle over ≤ 9 horizontal layers--forward calculation;
(10) petrophysics: a.c, electrical parameters;
(11) petrophysics: elastic constants;
(12) digital convolution with ≤ 10-length filter.

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