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(HP-67) Hydrograph Synthesis by the HNV-SBUH Method
01-02-2019, 03:05 PM
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(HP-67) Hydrograph Synthesis by the HNV-SBUH Method
An extract from the INTRODUCTION of the 29 page publication Hydrograph Synthesis by the HNV-SBUH Method Utilizing a Programmable Calculator, Bernard L. Golding (P.E.).

At the present time, most engineers use the SCS procedure (the computation of rainfall excess by the SCS rainfall-runoff equation and the application of the computed rainfall-excess increments to the standard SCS unit hydrograph) for hydrograph computation because of its simplicity and general low cost even
though its deficiencies have now been recognized by many engineers …
The purpose of this paper is to acquaint engineers with the Howard Needles Version of the Santa Barbara Urban Hydrograph Method (HNV-SBUH Method), a fairly simple, yet easily applied low cost model for computing design flow hydrographs. Included with this paper are calculator programs and user in structions for developing hydrographs by this model utilizing the Hewlett-Packard HP-97 and HP-67 programmable pocket calculators. … The validity of the model by the simulation of actual runoff events utilizing the programs listed herein is also demonstrated.

… equations, graphs, examples, program description & lisiting included: enjoy!

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