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(HP-65) Mine Ventilation Pressure Differentials
01-01-2019, 10:19 PM
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(HP-65) Mine Ventilation Pressure Differentials
An extract from Mine Ventilation Pressure Differentials With a Programmable Hand Calculator,Thomas C. Anderson, in MESA Informational Report 1050 (1977).

Mine ventilation pressure differentials are calculated by various exist ing methods, including chart and slide rule manipulation, electronic desk calculators, and computers. This report shows that the speed and accuracy of a desk calculator can be matched with a programmable hand calculator in a field situation requiring mobility.
The purpose of this report is to present the method of calculation of field data … with a hand-held, programmable calculator while maintaining the accuracy of the method developed.
A limiting factor of the hand calculator is smaller storage and program step capacity when compared to larger electronic desk calculators. Therefore, it may be necessary to handle the procedure in two separate programs. The first program calculates the density ratios for the entire survey, which are then recorded on the calculation sheet with measured data from the mine ventilation pressure survey. The second program calculates the absolute pressure differentials and their summations for total pressure.

The 29 page publication has extensive documentation, references & examples to complement the HP-65 calculator program descriptions & listings: enjoy!

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