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(HP-65) Fan Curve preparation
01-01-2019, 10:11 PM
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(HP-65) Fan Curve preparation
An extract from FAN CURVE PREPARATION USING PROGRAMMABLE POCKET CALCULATORS,William E. Bruce, in MESA Informational Report 1070 (1978).
It is often necessary and expedient to develop fan pressure-volume curves (fan characteristic curves) during onsite mine ventilation surveys. It is impossible to have characteristic curves available for every fan from each manufacturer, but some manufacturers supply specific-volume versus specific speed curves for a large number of fan blade settings for a 11 fans of a certain style or model …
The extraction of data from the manufacturer's curves and the subsequent calculations constitute a time consuming process. For this reason, data from the manufacturer's specific-volume, specific-speed curves were tabulated and a successful effort was made to develop programmable pocket calculator programs which would expedite the calculations and help to insure the accuracy of the results.
The techniques described in this report were developed to allow ventilation survey teams to make more rapid onsite analyses of mine fan performance in certain cases where personnel involved do not have immediate access to a published characteristic curve for the fan in question.
Moreover, the calculator programs developed may be used to quickly and accurately develop fan curves which are corrected for changed conditions …
Although the programs described were developed for the Hewlett-Packard Model 65 (HP-65)* programmable pocket calculator, they no doubt can be easily modified to be utilized on many other available programmable pocket calculators.

The 20 page publication has extensive documentation, references & examples to complement the HP-65 calculator program descriptions & listings: enjoy!

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