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[For sale] HP calculator collection, modules, & accessories
09-03-2018, 10:58 AM
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[For sale] HP calculator collection, modules, & accessories

I need to decrease the size of my collection so I have a number of items for sale, including 13 HP calculators, a variety of HP-41 peripherals, HP-41 ROM modules, and HP-71 ROM modules. I'll paste in a preliminary list of items below.

All of the items are being offered exclusively to this forum before putting them up for auction elsewhere, as I'd really like them to go to fellow HP collectors and users. I'll consider all reasonable offers.

Please PM me about the items you're interested in and I'll send back more details, including pictures. All have been stored without batteries installed and should be in full working condition. Many items come with slip cases and/or original packaging. I'll confirm status and condition before making a deal on any particular item.

Please see below for the list.

Thanks, Gary.

HP Calculators
HP-17BII Financial, algebraic/RPN, "Pioneer", LCD display
HP-18C Business Consultant, "Champion", clamshell, LCD display
HP-20S Scientific, algebraic, "Pioneer", programmable, LCD display
HP-21 Scientific, RPN, "Woodstock", LED display
HP-25 Scientific, RPN, "Woodstock", programmable, LED display
HP-27S Scientific/Financial, algebraic, LCD display
HP-35 (v2) Scientific, RPN (first HP calculator)
HP-37E Financial, RPN, "Spice/Spike", LED display
HP-71B Handheld Computer / Calculator (new old stock, never used)
HP-39G Scientific, RPN
HP-55 Scientific, RPN, timer, LED display
HP-97 Desktop Scientific with integral printer, card reader, carry case
HP Prime graphing scientific calculator (has a keyboard fault, otherwise works ok)

HP-41 Accessories
HP-41 Card Reader (No. 82104A)
HP-41 Optical Wand (HP-82153A)
HP-41 Thermal Printer (HP-82162A)
HP-41 Infrared Printer (HP-92240A)
HP-41 Infrared Printer module (HP-82242A)
HP-41 Tape Drive (HP-82161A)
HP-IL interface(HP-82160A) (2 available)
HP-IL RS-232C interface(HP-82164A)

HP-41 Modules
HP-41 Advantage module
HP-41 Auto Start / Duplication module
HP-41 Math I module
HP-41 Navigation module
HP-41 Plotter module
HP-41 Memory module (HP-82181A) (2 available)
HP-41 4K memory modules (HP82420A) (3 available)
HP-41 HP-IL Development module

HP-71 Modules
HP-71 41 Translator module
HP-71 Forth Assembler module
HP-71 Math module
HP-71 Text Editor module
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