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(HP-67/97) Stat Pac I listings and Teenix programs
07-18-2018, 12:40 AM
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(HP-67/97) Stat Pac I listings and Teenix programs
The attached ZIP file contains the Teenix MultiCalc program card files and program listings for the 21 programs in the HP-67/97 Stat Pac I application set. Also provided is a quick reference sheet in US Letter and A4 format (I hope it's in A4!). The sheet lists the program name to flash card image mapping when the programs are loaded as a library into Tony's MultiCalc emulator or Harald's Classic Controller board hardware. The 21 programs included in the Application Pac are

\(\bullet\) Basic Statistics for Two Variables
\(\bullet\) Factorial, Permutation and Combination
\(\bullet\) Moments, Skewness and Kurtosis
\(\bullet\) Random Number Generator
\(\bullet\) Histogram
\(\bullet\) Analysis of Variance (One Way)
\(\bullet\) Two Way Analysis of Variance
\(\bullet\) Analysis of Covariance (One Way) (2 cards)
\(\bullet\) Normal and Inverse Normal Distribution (2 cards)
\(\bullet\) Chi-Square Distribution
\(\bullet\) t Distribution
\(\bullet\) F Distribution
\(\bullet\) Multiple Linear Regression
\(\bullet\) Polynomial Approximation (2 cards)
\(\bullet\) t Statistics
\(\bullet\) Chi-Square Evaluation
\(\bullet\) Contingency Table
\(\bullet\) Spearman's Rank Correlation Coefficient
\(\bullet\) x and R Control Chart
\(\bullet\) Operating Characteristic Curves
\(\bullet\) Single- and Multi-Server Queues

The programs should be of immediate use to those who have the PC-based MultiCalc emulator program or one of the hardware hosts. The listings should also prove useful to those with a Woodstock ACT or LP board who might want to enter programs and save them to flash. Lastly of course, anyone with an HP-67 or -97 but without the Stat Pac cards will find the listings much easier to read than those found in the back of the manual.

Also included is a python program (zipped to pass muster with the upload filter) that will append keycodes as comments to each of the program listing steps to make program verification easier. All of the included listings have been processed in this fashion, a sample of which looks like

// Stat Pac I, ST1-12A
// F Distribution
1. f LBL A       //  31 25 11
2. f CLREG       //  31 43
3. h CF 0        //  35 61 00
4. h CF 1        //  35 61 01
5. 0             //  00
6. h RTN         //  35 22

As usual, the Stat Pac I manual can be found on the MoHPC USB flash drive. Also, many thanks to Tony (Teenix) for the effort put into making the MultiCalc emulators available!


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