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High precision calculation of pi on many machines
05-12-2018, 06:02 AM
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High precision calculation of pi on many machines
For whatever odd reason, I have always been interested in calculating pi with many digits. That interest probably started with a 1976 (or 1977) article in "Science & Vie", a French science magazine, that showed that an HP-67, a TI-59 and a Sharp PC-1211 could calculate pi with high precision. The algorithm presented used the 4 x arctan(1) slow converging series which would require weeks of calculating time to get a few dozen correct digits

Calculating pi with high precision has been done by many members of this forum. This article is just an attempt to present programs for various machines, including the HP-65 which has no indirect addressing, and an entry-level CASIO which proved pretty speedy. A benchmark of various machines is also presented

This is a work in progress. Next step will be to benchmark the speed monster DM42 with its 34-digit native precision, the 41CL at 50x speed, the Woodstock LP, the WP-34s, the TI-58 and a few BASIC machines. The fun never ends...

Hope you like the programs
Any suggestion to make the programs leaner, faster or more elegant is welcome

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