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NYC Subway now available in the MetroPaths project
02-08-2018, 10:41 AM
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NYC Subway now available in the MetroPaths project
For all (two?) of you waiting on the NYC Subway to be added to the MetroPaths project... your wait is finally over! ;-)

ok, let's recap.- The MetroPaths project consists of a path-finding module and four metro network modules for the Metro Madrid, London Tube, Paris Metro and Berlin U-Bahn. The network data modules all use the same path-finding engine, which needs to be plugged in the lower page.

The addition of the NYC Subway completes the project.

Because of its large size, the NYCS network takes more than a full 4k module for all data (Station names and line topology). This forced a change in the layout of the path-finding module as well. As a result, the NYC Subway is an independent 8k module than contains the path-finding engine as well.

This gave me the opportunity to enhance the data I/O functions, supporting alphanumerical station names and lines (needed for the NYC case of course). A new function launcher is also included for convenient single-point access to multiple related functions.

New updated manual is already done. Soon at a TOS near you - and on the CL Library of course.

Happy riding!
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