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HP 49G Advantages over 49g+ & 50g
01-24-2018, 10:56 PM
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RE: HP 49G Advantages over 49g+ & 50g
(01-24-2018 09:41 PM)Gerald H Wrote:  I remember the 49G as a dream come true - Infinite precision integer arithmetic built in, loads of number theory functions, MetaKernel & futuristic look (compare with 48GX).

Detractions abound but the pluses were enough to shelve the 48GX (Plus MetaKernel, plus memory cards at exorbitant prices).

All (most) User heritage software worked OK.

My story is much the same as yours. I had been using a 48GX for a long time. I saw the 49G and it struck a chord on my "gotta-have-it" ribs. I used it for a long time as my go-to calculator. I replaced it with a 50G when they came out. 50G is still my go-to graphing calculator; although, I am really learning to love the DM42.

I lived through the plethora of comments about the "frozen hamster-butt blue" color. Having never seen any kind of frozen hamster butt, I could never comment on that. ;o}
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