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[Survey] HP users around the world
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RE: [Survey] HP users around the world
I think the distance between Spanish and Portuguese is smaller than Spanish -Italian or Portuguese - Italian.

Also it depends on which level one want to understand the other. I strongly believe every language has a "core" of 5-6 thousands words that are enough for most of the communications (due to the fact that in general we tend to simplify). Anyway when one reads literature, specialized technical literature or law stuff, then it is over.

Reading M.Proust in English is really difficult at times. It is even difficult in Italian because when the translator is good, the tenses and the words used are refined. In German is way out of my league.

Would be interesting to know how difficult is for a Frenchman to read Proust. I mean if the reading flows without much problems, or it requires focus (aside from the moments when Proust go lengths to overdescribe something, like this or that tower with bells because the bells remembers him bla bla bla bla ).

A person that I know that is a translator from French to German, says that she has to put some effort in French and absolutely a lot in German when reading such type of texts.

For the curious (Eng and French):

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