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41CL - PowerCL Extreme - Problems (probably operator related)
12-18-2017, 03:00 AM
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RE: 41CL - PowerCL Extreme - Problems (probably operator related)
(12-18-2017 01:44 AM)PeterP Wrote:  Lastly, for the AMC/OSX, which one should I use? There are a few similarly sounding ones in the IMDB. AOSX, OSX3, 4AOS are the ones I can find. Which one should I use? Do all of them work in page 6?

I presume I have to load them into page 6 (PLUGP, right?) or do they relocate themselves into page 6? Right now, I was thinking of putting the HEPAX into page 6, but it would be good to know if this one works in page 6 as then I can keep it there all of the time. I do like the expanded catalogs and ability to enter Sto d directly...

I can help with basic config and which AMC/OSX to use and how to setup.

Here's a quick recipe:

• Load Extra Functions Extreme into Port 1U (Page-9)

• Load Library-4

• Load AMC CCD-OS/X into Page-8

• Load PowerCL Extreme Utilities into Page-C

These are the page addresses I happen to use (gaps are because of other ROMs (and sometimes HEPAX RAM) I use, not relevant to this answer. YFNX and OSX need to be installed in these pages (or at least with OSX lower than YFNX) for things to work right.

This may resolve the other issues, but in any case start with this and build from there.

--Bob Prosperi
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