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41CL - PowerCL Extreme - Problems (probably operator related)
12-18-2017, 01:44 AM
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RE: 41CL - PowerCL Extreme - Problems (probably operator related)
Thanks Angel (And Geir) for all your tips, I'm glad at least some things where correctly done by the operator :-)

So BUSED shows that page 8 is used, which is where the PWEXT is plugged in. When executing the REV function as you had suggested I get
Quote:REV: 07.21.2016

When I plug in the HEPAX in 9/RAM in A via HPX4 with entering A at the prompt, running BANKED shows 5:9. So somehow I'm missing the PWERXT being picked up by this function. Anything I should do differently?

Lastly, for the AMC/OSX, which one should I use? There are a few similarly sounding ones in the IMDB. AOSX, OSX3, 4AOS are the ones I can find. Which one should I use? Do all of them work in page 6?

I presume I have to load them into page 6 (PLUGP, right?) or do they relocate themselves into page 6? Right now, I was thinking of putting the HEPAX into page 6, but it would be good to know if this one works in page 6 as then I can keep it there all of the time. I do like the expanded catalogs and ability to enter Sto d directly...

Thank you for your kind help!


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