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Need help installing apps on the 50g
03-27-2014, 03:00 PM
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RE: Need help installing apps on the 50g
(03-27-2014 12:39 AM)Fanboy Wrote:  I've put them in the flash (port 2). But what do I do next? How do I actually launch the app and use it?

Not all libraries (those are the names of the objects which you transferred onto your calculator) will appear as an App in the Apps menu on the HP50G. However, they should all appear in the library menu [Right-Shift] [2]. Press the soft-menu key corresponding to the library (app) that you installed to gain access to the commands that they provide. As for how to use each library (app), each of those programs contain documentation on how to use them.

Also, for the record, I did not write HLDRAW but I did update it so that it would work in the HP50G. No attempt was made to fix any programming bugs that the original author J. Bos had in his original program (I vaguely remember that there is no argument checking in some of the commands, so be careful there); I merely tried to get the code to work as was originally programmed by J. Bos.

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