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Social networks and calculator groups
12-13-2017, 08:09 PM
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RE: Social networks and calculator groups
Hungarian Calculator Group on Google Groups: LINK

I think the Hungarian not so big problem for you - we can speak English, you just solve the inverse problem Wink With a little suffering you can find really good posts there.

There was a "golden era" approx. 2-3 years ago, now just limited activity there, but you can find there few programs for 15C (like
SOLVE with Horner's method or
Euclid's algorithm (without MOD and only 8 steps with LBL and RTN),
SOLVE with indirect addressing for HP 12C (only 28 steps and you can specify which variable to solve without rewriting the equation - and fast as original 15C SOLVE),
numerical differential equation solvers for 12C with SOLVE (you can solve DiffEq for one parameter which is not the independent variable),
short discussions about how the ice is forming on lakes (with diffeq and solution),
why and how the car's windshield frozen but the temperature is above 0°C,
how you can calculate water boiling temperature if the pressure is changed - numerical solution of Clausius-Clapeyron equation (on CASIO fx-50F this is a short Euler method, fits easily into that small memory),

Just now the Christmas holiday is coming, I hope the activity will be rising - I'm planning a good measurement of my location on the Earth during the winter solstice, when the latitude easily measurable.

Currently I wrote a short First Fit packing algorithm for HP32SII, then ported to CASIO fx-4000P, during this holiday I will post it there and I have posted a short minimum-search algorithm for fx-4000P without differentiation.

We have some pdf's about 15C, which is available only Hungarian, but maybe you can find it useful.

So, there are some interesting stuff, please check and comment, we are really happy if anybody post into the Group - or just share our posts somewhere in the web.

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