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Public Beta Availiable (v3) - Win/Mac/Firmware
12-12-2017, 02:53 AM
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Public Beta Availiable (v3) - Win/Mac/Firmware

The HP Calculator group is happy to be able to push out the third and most likely final set of beta files. The date will be 2017.12.11 on them with a revision approximately around 13217. They may not all match that revision perfectly.

There are still a few known issues to work on, but this is very near final.


If you are just hearing about this public beta for the first time, I recommend looking at the original announcement thread, or the second one, for details and discussion.


We have not uploaded new android/ios apps. The original beta for iOS is still sitting in apple’s queue(!). Due to US holidays, we don’t expect anything to improve there and so are waiting to upload again till after the new year.

If you desire to test an iOS or Android version, please communicate to with your email ID and type of app store. We can add you in and you will receive a notice for the app when available in the future after the new year sometime. If you already received test versions in the past, you will still be in the list I believe and do not need to request again.

Note that the "version" information in the different versions maybe be slightly off (simply due to timing on the builds), but all should be approximately r13217 or so.

Quote:Some changes since the first two sets of beta files:

1. Added feature:
a. [a b/c] key works with the [angle] key to toggle complexes also.

1. REPLACE function with strings could misbehave sometimes.
2. FREEZE not working anymore
3. Issue with BLIT using data from outside of graphic.
4. Tucked away drawing benchmark tool in 3d grapher.
5. Modified CellHasData and ClearCell to work on range instead of list.
6. Some speed improvements to catalogs with some types of geometry apps.
7. Fixed ARC drawing and enhanced sample programs.
8. High system resource use when hovering or pressing a button in emulator.
9. IFERR RETURN 10 … would not return 10 but a function of “RETURN 10”
10. Issues with user defined functions not loading properly on system boot.
11. Improvements to QPI output. Renamed back to QPI since no other ideas are really a significant improvement in a universal way.
12. Catalog sometimes was including geometry variables erroneously.
13. Reduced screen flicker in several places through the system (symb screen, choosers).
14. Various reported CAS issues.
15. Tweaked CAS debugging so it looks more like the HPPPL debugger screen.
16. Color changing during “transform” of a function causes screen to go solid color.
17. Matrix growing not checking against proper size limits (20K items).
18. ALPHA sorting in program list causing problems.


Although I work for HP, the views and opinions I post here are my own.
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