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Scientific calculators that have formula/equation memory
12-06-2017, 10:22 PM
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RE: Scientific calculators that have formula/equation memory
(12-06-2017 03:50 PM)jebem Wrote:  Now, a word of warning:
Continuous memory on all these machines, 35S included, are not really continuous as it depends on good battery energy to maintain the memory contents integrity.
Adding this to lack of input/output interface and we end up with seriously limited machines.
Even a reset to restore a machine crash will result in total memory loss.

Of course the continuous memory is there until one messes up the change of the batteries, therefore a calculator like that cannot be mistaken for a battleship one (like the 50g). Indeed they are useful for certain use cases.

Like quick computations of a given type (so one reuses the formulas) without need of a lot of space.

Using computers/tablets is all fine but I find (and maybe I am not alone) that sometimes
(a) I want to develop a concept on paper, and having a calculator with me helps more than a bulky computer or a phone with no tactile keyboard.
(b) I don't want to use a computer, I want to sit on the sofa or in a chair and be comfy. Still having all the tools needed.
(c) less request of energy and time to get results (start the system, open the app, load the program, possibly write a program, get the results, visualize the results). It should not be underestimated.

Wikis are great, Contribute :)
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