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Scientific calculators that have formula/equation memory
12-06-2017, 12:18 PM (This post was last modified: 12-06-2017 01:15 PM by pier4r.)
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Scientific calculators that have formula/equation memory
Follow up of the discussion started here:

Informing myself on the HP-35s I saw that the form factor of the 35S is not as big as the 50g (that is also out of market) but the calculator has quite some powerful characteristics and formula/equation memory. (it is also programmable).

Therefore I opened this thread to crowdsource a list of scientific calculators that are still produced, have a not oversized form factor (more or less like a 6'' inches toucchscreen only phone), have memory (continuous) and allow formulas (also in form of a program) to be saved for later use.

Programmability is not stricly required. RPN or algebraic does not matter. HP or not.

Super small example:
The sharp el 506w from around 2002 has at least 6 variables (or registers) for single numbers and 4 registers for formulas that share a memory of 256 characters.
On the 506w I can save a formula like 'A^2 + B + 35* C' where at first I fill the registers A, B, C with the data, then recall the formula (say, saved in F1), and execute it.
I can use formulas with the solver (then I need to include the register X) or also not.

An obvious competitor for the 35S is the DM42.

Any other? If possible with enough memory for a little equation library, say 5000 characters (in algebraic form), or 100 formulas of 50 characters each.

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