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Saving calculator state to free memory on CL V5
11-05-2017, 07:52 PM
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Saving calculator state to free memory on CL V5

Beta testing the DM42, wonderful machine.

FRAM 71B batteries died and had to reread manual to reinstate my saved calculator state back to RAM. Not hard unless you haven't picked it up for awhile, hence the dead batteries. Thank you flash ram!

Now the 41 VER 5 CL arrives. As if I haven't got enough to do.

So I have installed and loaded all routines in both extended memory and main memory. It is now a clone of my beta version (we'll sort of) because my ROM image four letter codes have changed since beta version :-).

I was using in Beta version

- XXXC I think that was Clutils 1H, PLUG1U
- TIME module
- infrared printer module (blinky)

So what is the CLUTILS ROM image designation (XXXC)?

I was able to store all calculator memory into location 0C9000 on beta using the following code:


Restoring the calc from 0C9>800.

Of course all the memory locations have changed for free memory or have they? Caveat here, I am being lazy but I don't want to read and screw up any ROM images by overwriting them. And there is an encyclopedic knowledge base required, plus I don't have a pocket version of Sylvain or Bob :-)

Any answers appreciated before I start playing. I booted the calc with my disc drive and card reader to fill it with routines. I would like to save this state in flash RAM before I start to explore version 5 fully.

Then I will update version 2 as fully as possible. The beta version has been my workhorse since its inception and will be left as is.[/color][/code][/quote]

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