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Help for a "Surface and Flux integrals" program
11-04-2017, 10:50 AM
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RE: Help for a "Surface and Flux integrals" program
(11-04-2017 10:38 AM)salvomic Wrote:  This fact induce me to think that we should find a way to help user with the changes of coordinates too...

I disagree: the formulas take care of that automatically provided that you parametrise your surface (or curve, or manifold) correctly.

Hence my earlier remark that A needs to be a rectangle. So if the range of integration in your "natural" corrdinate space is not a rectangle then you have got your parametrisation wrong and need to fix that first before doing the integration.

You might want to introduce a separate function for transforming the differentials between one parametrisation and another, but I thnk the Prime already has an implementation of the required Jacobian that can be used...
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