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Elliptic integrals
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RE: Elliptic integrals
These integrals are related to the Jacobi Elliptic Function (see in Wikipedia).

See here in the Library my version for the Prime.

About the two version of 1st kind integral I used in the two programs, they are related, being the same integral: x = sin(φ), then φ=ASIN(x), m=k^2...
The relation involve also sn(), cn(), dn() [sometimes called amplitude sine, amplitude cosine, delta amplitude

However I get values a bit different (see attachment): what kind of rounding is responsible of the difference, in this case?

A part of the examples in the attached image, another example: in the first case for the function ell1F() I test x=1 k=0.4 then ell1F(1,0.4) that returns 1.63999977306; in the second case (Jacobi) for the function Jacobi_fn() I test φ=ASIN(x), m=0.4^2 that returns 1.63999986587...

First case: the integral is int(1/(SQRT((1-t^2)*(1-(k^2)*t^2))),t,0,x);
Second case: the integral is int(1/(SQRT(1-m*SIN(θ)*SIN(θ))),θ,0,φ).
The *should* be the same value.
laTeX form (Wikipedia):
1st form
2nd form

What about it?


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